Wrapped Principal Photography for Edward Plowright's "The Conversation"

Edward Plowright may come across very New-York-ish with his New York accent and his affinity for America... but that is only because he is from New York (surprise, surprise!) and he comes from a long standing family of show business that spans from New York to London to Sydney. It may then come as no surprise that his latest short film is aimed directly at America.

Do not mistake the sniper cross-hairs as anything but a metaphor for what is in his sights for this up and coming film. "The Conversation" is an awakening and brings forth a message for the casual observer to wake up from their slumber. I can't say too much more, only that as I was filming this wonderful piece of cinema, it made me stop and think and wonder. Please stay tuned for this film as it moves through editing and post production.